Podcasts to Improve your French

Aurelie | Mar 17, 2020 min read

On the Internet, you’ll find thousands of podcasts to listen to French, however not all of them are worth your time. To make it easier for you, I made a list of podcasts I recommend. Also, all of them are free.

Duolinguo Podcast

Duolinguo is mostly famous for its application to learn French, but did you know they also develop podcasts in French? For about 20 minutes, a French native-speaker tells his/her story (for instance, a nuclear engineer who leads a double life as a clown) in French and a narrator intervenes to bring some context in English and help understand what’s going on. The full transcript is also available on Duolinguo’s website.

-> Duolinguo Podcast

Journal En Français Facile

The radio RFI offers a daily edition of the news. The journalists delivers the news in a slower French. The podcast lasts about 10 minutes and offers the perfect opportunity to improve your listening comprehension while learning what’s going on in the world. The transcripts are also available on their website.

-> Journal en français facile

If you know some podcasts that should be appearing on that list, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure to update the list.


The online magazine Slate.fr offers a nice selection of podcasts and Transfert is one of them. In thoses 40 minutes episodes, individuals are sharing with us their story. The 1st person narration creates a very intimate feeling. This podcast is perfect for the people who already have a good level of French and want to listen to more authentic and less formal French.

-> Transfert